2018 Events

April 17, 2018

Welcome to our 2018 events page, which contains details of all our planned events.

We already have some dates for your diary, and more will be added throughout the year, so check in occasionally to see what we are up to.  Events will depart from Roadkill as always, unless otherwise stated. 

All Roadkill events will be live on Facebook at least a month prior to the date, so like and follow for updates and info. 

IMPORTANT **(Please see bottom of page for additional information and safety notes).



This will be our 5th Cromer Carnival Bike and Trike show,  and we are hoping to beat our fantastic 2017 turnout of over 300 bikes and trikes.  The cavalcade will depart from  Roadkill HQ at 10.30 am  for the carnival field, it is a 15 minute slow ride to the field, or you can head straight there.   All bikes and trikes are welcome, whether you want to take part in the show or not.  It all makes for an interesting field of bikes and adds to the interest.   Winners will be selected following a public vote.

Roadkill cafe will be open from 9.00am prior to departure, for coffees an teas, and cold drinks, please arrive in good time if you would like refreshments, last orders for cafe will be 10.15.

All bikes, trikes and scooters welcome, if you love your wheels someone else will too! Prizes for Best Chop, Best Custom, Best Classic, Best Streetfighter, Best Sports, Best Trike, Best 125 or under.

We are also running a stall selling Roadkill merchandise, and will have a selection of stock from the shop for sale. Drop by and say hello!  

Also on the Carnival Field, one of the biggest American and Classic Car shows of the year, as well as lots of stalls, bar, and all the fun of the fair.

Entry is £2 per bike/trike, this is to take part in the cavalcade and/or show.  Please try and have the correct change for us! 

This event is live on Facebook, search for “Cromer Carnival Bike & Trike Cavalcade & Show”.  

On Carnival day, Roadkill will be closed from 10.30 am. 

*** Please see below



We will lead  the Carnival Parade round Cromer on carnival night.  The last six years have been  hugely successful with plenty of crowd-pleasing bikes and trikes (around 80 in 2017) and we have had brilliant feedback.  We are sure the next one will be even  better!  Whatever you ride, please come along and join us. This is not about show bikes, it is about taking part in a fun evening, so whether you are on a 50cc or a 1500cc, all welcome.

Fancy dress optional but it is advised, you are missing out if you don’t!  Most  of you had a go last year, the entries were awesome. Lots of people dug out their novelty onesies, comedy wigs, or even pyjamas, as well as plenty of home made efforts, and last minute eBay purchases! It all counted and made it a fun event.  Also balloons, cuddly toys, bunting, and flags decorating the bikes all went down a treat.  We rocked carnival night!

Please be at Roadkill by 6.00 at the latest, the roads are closed from 6.30pm and after that you will be denied access to the event for safety reasons.  We do a slow lap of the town ahead of the parade, we are in front to keep moving and stop those air cooled engines and classic clutches overheating!  We will exit town via the Holt Road where the marshalls will part the crowd barrier to allow us to pass, then a quick re-group  in HomeBase car park (just up the hill on the left) to put our helmets back on if not wearing one,  prior to heading  home, or back to Roadkill for a cuppa and a snack! Rock On!

*** Please see below



***If you are attending the Cavalcade or Carnival Procession ride, please note the following.

  • These events are organised between ourselves and the Carnival Committee to an agreed format.  Please check details with us prior to departure.
  • Please park your steed facing the exit at Roadkill. With up to 300 bikes on site, turning at the last minute takes time and delays departure.
  • Front and tail end positions will be marshalled by riders selected by us prior to the events.
  • NO burnouts, donuts, wheelies, general showing off  – (Obvious health and safety risk)
  • Please remain seated on your bike/trike throughout the event. 
  • NO over/undertaking other riders or lane-changing (ditto)
  • Keep up with the lead bikes, NO GAPS, NO STRAGGLERS.   We should stop/start as one group.
  • Do not allocate yourself as a marshall, all positions will be advised before the event.
  • If you decide not to wear your helmet, it is at your own risk. Roadkill Customs does not endorse your choice.
  • Be aware of making TOO MUCH noise.  A bit of revving and tooting  your horn is fun, winding up your bike to ear-splitting decibels is not nice for anyone. 
  • Behave responsibly and safely, your behaviour reflects upon yourself and our business.