Bike Bits

Handlebars and Mirrors: We have a large selection of handlebars on the shelf, in 7/8″ and 1″. We also stock custom and standard mirrors for classic and modern motorcycles. Bar end or handlebar fitment, our range starts from just £15.00 per pair.

Headlights, Tail Lights, Indicators, and Bulbs: Standard or LED, we have a selection of custom and standard lights for you to choose from.  We hold all popular headlight, indicator and rear light bulbs and speedo/dash bulbs.

Custom Silencers:  If you fancy a change from your existing silencers, for a more streamlined, chopped, or custom look, and maybe a bit louder, we have a large selection in stock.  If you’re not sure if they will fit your bike, just ask, our advice is free and we are happy to help. Slash cuts, pea shooters, turn outs, reverse cone megas, and many more on the shelf.

Seats, brackets, springs:  Custom seats, in black or brown, in various sizes and styles for your chop or project.  Large selection of springs and brackets to complete the look.

Security:  From disc locks to heavy duty chains, alarmed, or cable locks, we have it all. Standard or Thatcham appproved, you can’t afford not to.

Maintanance and Cleaning:  Chain lube, chain cleaner, bug and tar remover, wax polish and polishing pads, bike shampoo, spray paints, carb and brake cleaner, WD40, Radweld, Autosol, brake and clutch fluid, tank cleaner and sealant, engine, fork and gearbox oil… everything you need to clean and maintain your bike.

Covers:  Rain covers to protect your pride and joy from the worst of the elements, or just keep it dust free in the garage.  From Medium to XXL, we have sizes to cover scooters up to custom/touring bikes with luggage.

Grips and Footpegs: 7/8 and 1″ grips in stock, we have all colours and styles, from standard black to custom chrome, including Biltwell, Wassell, Bike It and much more.  Footpeg, kickstart and  gearchange rubbers for your classic Triumph/BSA/Brit also in stock.